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Every month California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP) awards millions of dollars to organizations throughout the state to pay for their employee training programs.

Wouldn’t you like to receive up to $1,500 or more per person to pay for the employee training programs you’re doing anyway? There’s a good chance you can…provided you understand the “ins and outs” of how to apply. Helping companies navigate the ETP’s complex process is Training Refund Group’s specialty.


In addition to the following priority industries, there are many more businesses that qualify for the Employment Training Panel (ETP) program, including accounting and engineering firms. Please contact us to see if your company qualifies.

For examples of the types of training classes that have qualified for ETP cash reimbursements, click on the industry below.


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Helping you access funding that goes straight to your bottom line.

Each year California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP) has a $95 million pool of money that it disburses to provide training subsidies to California employers. Navigating the complex procedures for obtaining these cash reimbursements is Training Refund Group’s specialty. In fact, we have a 100% success rate!

If your bottom line profits could benefit from a large infusion of “free money” to help pay for your employee training programs, we need to talk. Training Refund Group can do 90% of the work necessary for you to successfully receive money from the ETP. Let us help you ace the application, maximize the funds awarded, and manage the process in a way that minimizes your staff time necessary to take advantage of the program.



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  • Our company was planning a major software implementation that affected everyone in the company. We were going to have significant training costs to bring everyone up to speed on the new system. When we heard of the ETP program and Training Refund Group from our software vendor we contacted them to learn about the program. They explained all the steps in the program, the time it would take to get through the approval process, and the effort required on our part to receive the money. Larry was accurate in the timing and the amount of funding we could receive. With the help of ETP and Training Refund Group we are able cover almost 70% of the training costs of this implementation.
    IT Manager, Insurance agency with 200 employees
  • As a professional services firm, we spend a lot of money training our employees. We had never heard of the Employment Training Panel prior to being contact by Larry Mandell. We are now 12 months through our first project with ETP and things have been very smooth. We appreciate the work they have done for us.
    Manager of Staff Development Professional Services firm with 118 employees
  • I’d been through the ETP program when I worked for another company. While we liked the money the program provided, it was a lot of work to do it ourselves. Training Refund Group was referred to us by a vendor and we listened to what Larry had to say. We’re glad we did. His team made the process simpler and they have lived up to the promises they made.
    Quality Control Manager Manufacturer with 350 employees
  • We are impressed with the team effort Training Refund Group put into making sure our project went smoothly. From getting us through the application phase to managing the administration of the training rosters they did a great job.
    Human Resources Manager Manufacturer with 120 employees
  • Larry and his team did a great job in getting us through application process. They did what they said they would do by taking the load off of us and handling the majority of the paperwork in the application process. We are now in the training phase of the agreement and we expect they will do a great job taking care of that as well.
    Controller, Telecommunications Company with 80 employees

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