Helping you get cash reimbursements for your employee training programs

If you want to take advantage of ETP funding, don’t risk leaving money on the table. Bring in an expert: Training Refund Group.

Training Refund Group has mastered the complexities of the ETP’s application and administrative processes. In fact, we have a 100% approval success rate, and our clients are usually awarded $800 to $1,500 per participant or more. Wouldn’t you like to see this type of funding added to your bottom-line profits?

A proven 8-step process

Our 8-step process means that everything is managed for you, from application and program management to reporting and follow-through. The result: You get the maximum possible funding, and we do 90% of the work.


Our software

One of the secrets to our success is our proprietary software system, which enhances our ability to manage all of your training data. You won’t need to struggle with the process of submitting training rosters to the ETP, and you’ll never be in the dark as to where things stand. Through the use of this very specialized software we’ll ensure the paperwork is correct before it’s uploaded, double-check the ETP system to make sure it’s tracking hours properly, and then provide monthly reports to you.

At a glance, the monthly Summary Report will give you an overview of the information you need:


If you would like more detailed information, additional reports – such as Training Hours by Location and Employee – are also available: