How Much Money Can You Get?

The California Employment Training Panel (ETP) uses a fixed dollar amount per training hour for reimbursement that is based on your company’s size and industry.

Refunds range from $15 to $26 per employee training hour for live training; the rate is set at $8 per employee training hour for computer-based training. Best of all, we’re talking about actual cash reimbursements, not tax credits!


Reimbursement examples

Say you provide a 4-hour class for 5 people. This would be 20 training hours. If you qualified for the $26 per hour rate, you would be reimbursed $520 for just this one class.

A typical construction company would receive about $500 per person, manufacturer between $500 and $750 per person and professional staff at a healthcare facility between $800 and $1500 per person.

Some of our recent approvals include:

Total $ # of Participants
Construction Company $197,000 500
Accounting firm $347,000 340
Small manufacturer $  42,000 39
Hospital $350,000 280
Insurance agency $  97,000 192
Accounting firm $  49,000 59
Landscaping company $  49,000 80
Distributor $  83,000 115

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